Forehead flattening surgery, recognised as forehead reduction or frontal bossing reduction, has evolved into a sought-after cosmetic procedure for individuals aspiring to refine facial harmony. Dr Quan Ngo, a distinguished Specialist Plastic Surgeon with extensive Australian and international training, particularly in the Head and Neck Region, is a leading practitioner offering this transformative procedure across several consultation rooms in Sydney.

Motivations for Forehead Flattening Surgery

Patients seeking forehead flattening surgery often express desires for improved facial symmetry and aesthetic balance. The motivation extends beyond physical concerns to encompass a desire for heightened self-esteem and confidence. Dr Quan Ngo, drawing on his dual training background, recognises the nuanced motivations guiding patients, ranging from achieving facial proportionality to cultivating a more positive self-image.

Patient Suitability

Prior to initiating forehead flattening surgery, Dr Quan Ngo rigorously evaluates patient suitability, considering various factors:

  • Physical Health: Thorough pre-operative assessments are conducted to ensure patients are in optimal health for a smooth recovery.
  • Expectation Management: The consultation process involves nuanced discussions to establish realistic expectations. Dr Quan Ngo engages in detailed conversations to ensure patients comprehend both the potential outcomes and limitations of the surgery.
  • Psychological Preparedness: Acknowledging the psychological impact of cosmetic procedures, patients undergo comprehensive evaluations to assess their mental readiness and resilience to potential shifts in self-perception.

Risks Involved

As with any surgical procedure, forehead flattening surgery carries inherent risks. Dr Quan Ngo, leveraging his wealth of experience, underscores the significance of informed consent and awareness of potential complications:

  • Infection: While infrequent, infections post-surgery may necessitate timely intervention with antibiotics.
  • Scarring: Despite meticulous surgical techniques to minimise scarring, individual healing responses vary. Dr Quan Ngo strategically positions incisions within the scalp to mitigate visible scarring.
  • Nerve Damage: Temporary numbness or altered sensation around the surgical site is a potential temporary side effect, typically resolving during the recovery period.

The Surgical Procedure

Forehead flattening surgery is an intricate and highly personalised procedure conducted by Dr Quan Ngo, incorporating advanced 3D planning and printing technologies to enhance precision and optimise results.

  • Comprehensive Consultation and Planning: Dr Quan Ngo conducts an exhaustive examination, utilising 3D imaging technology to create a bespoke surgical plan tailored to the unique anatomy of each patient.
  • Administration of Anaesthesia: The procedure commences under general anaesthesia, ensuring patient comfort and safety throughout.
  • Incision Placement: Dr Quan Ngo carefully positions incisions within the scalp to minimise visible scarring while facilitating access to underlying forehead structures for necessary adjustments.
  • Expert Bone Reshaping: Leveraging his dual training and extensive experience, Dr Quan Ngo employs advanced surgical techniques to reshape forehead bones, achieving the desired contour while preserving structural integrity.
  • Meticulous Closure: The final step involves the precise closure of incisions. Dr Quan Ngo ensures optimal healing, initiating postoperative monitoring as the patient embarks on the recovery process.

Expected Recovery Timeline

The recovery timeline following forehead flattening surgery is pivotal to patient care, with individual experiences varying. A detailed outline is provided:

  • Immediate Post-Op Period: Patients may experience swelling and discomfort, managed with prescribed pain medications.
  • First Week: Swelling and bruising peak during this period, gradually subsiding as the body initiates the healing process.
  • Two to Four Weeks: Light activities are permissible, while strenuous activities should be avoided to support optimal healing.
  • Full Recovery Over Months: Complete recovery spans several months, during which patients witness the gradual refinement of surgical outcomes as swelling diminishes, revealing the final, harmonious facial contour.

Expected Outcome

Patients undergoing forehead flattening surgery with Dr Quan Ngo can anticipate a more harmonious and proportionate facial appearance. The integration of advanced 3D planning and printing technologies contributes to achieving natural-looking results aligned with individual aesthetic goals.

Role of 3D Planning and Printing

Dr Quan Ngo's integration of 3D planning and printing technologies plays a pivotal role in the success of forehead flattening surgery:

  • Precision Enhancement: 3D imaging enables a meticulous assessment of facial structures, guiding Dr Quan Ngo in creating a surgical plan tailored to each patient's unique anatomy.
  • Personalised Surgical Approach: Visualisation and manipulation of 3D models empower a highly personalised approach. Dr Quan Ngo leverages this technology to customise the procedure based on each patient's specific needs.
  • Optimisation of Results: Through 3D printing, Dr Quan Ngo creates custom implants or guides, enhancing the accuracy of bone reshaping during surgery. This level of customisation contributes to optimal results and heightened patient satisfaction.


Forehead flattening surgery, guided by the expertise of Dr Quan Ngo, represents a transformative journey toward enhanced facial aesthetics. His dual training in Australian and international plastic surgery, coupled with a subspecialty in the Head and Neck Region, positions him as a leading specialist. Individuals considering forehead flattening surgery are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr Quan Ngo, taking the initial step toward exploring personalised treatment options and embarking on a journey to facial harmony. With consultation rooms conveniently located across Sydney, including Bankstown, Burwood, Cabramatta West, Campbelltown, and Chatswood, Dr Quan Ngo offers accessible and expert care for those seeking a positive transformation in their facial aesthetics.