Academic Involvement

Dr Ngo has been a reviewer for numerous scientific journals and research foundations both in Australia and overseas, including:


Professional Memberships

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Dr Ngo conducts his work to the highest of professional standards and is a current member of:


Scientific Research Publications

Dr Ngo has been involved in research and innovations, and has authored scientific papers in several of his areas of interest. His publications in peer reviewed journals include:

  1. Boyages J, Koelmeyer L, Suami H, Lam T, Ngo Q, Heydon-White A, Czerniec S, Munot S, Ho-Shon K, Mackie H. The ALERT model of care for the assessment and personalized management of patients with lymphedema. BJS, 107 (3): 238-247, Feb 2020.

  2. Prasida I, Singla A, Rawther T, Ngo Q. The Temporalis Muscle and Its Relationship to the Accessory Attachments and the Main Pedicle- A Cadaveric Study. JPRAS. In press (avail. Online 22 Jan 2020).

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