Chin reduction surgery, also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to achieve facial balance and harmony by reshaping the chin bone. This article explores the details of chin reduction surgery and discusses the benefits of face slimming techniques. Dr. Quan Ngo, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with expertise in chin reduction surgery and face slimming techniques, provides valuable insights into these procedures.

Chin Reduction Surgery:

Chin reduction surgery is a precise surgical procedure that involves modifying the size or prominence of the chin. Through meticulous techniques, Dr. Quan Ngo removes or repositions a portion of the chin bone, resulting in a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing facial profile. This procedure achieves the desired face slimming effect.

Face Slimming Techniques:

In addition to chin reduction surgery, Dr. Quan Ngo employs various face slimming techniques to complement the results. These techniques may include:

1. Facial Contouring: Dr. Ngo may recommend non-surgical procedures such as injectable fillers or fat grafting to reshape the contours of the face, including the cheeks and jawline. These techniques add strategic volume to create a slender appearance.

2. Surgical Jaw Reduction: For individuals with a prominent jawline, Dr. Quan Ngo may suggest surgical jaw reduction to achieve a more refined and slimmer facial contour. This procedure involves reshaping the jawbone to harmonise with the overall facial structure.

Dr. Quan Ngo's Chin Reduction Surgery Expertise:

Dr. Quan Ngo is a respected, Australian qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon, with expertise in chin reduction surgery and face slimming techniques. With a specialty in the Head & Neck region, he possesses extensive Australian and international training. Dr. Ngo adopts a personalised approach, understanding the unique needs and goals of each patient, to help them achieve facial balance and the desired face slimming outcomes.

The Consultation Process with Dr Ngo:

During a consultation with Dr. Quan Ngo, patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation of their chin structure and overall facial features. Dr. Ngo provides expert guidance on the most suitable approach, whether it involves chin reduction surgery, face slimming techniques, or a combination of both. He explains the benefits, potential risks, and expected outcomes, ensuring that patients have a thorough understanding before making informed decisions about their treatment.


Chin reduction surgery and face slimming techniques are effective options for  achieving a slimmer facial appearance in some instances. Consultation with Dr. Quan Ngo provides an opportunity to learn more about these techniques and possible outcomes.