Microsurgery is surgery at an ultrafine level in the order of a few millimetres down to fractions of a millimetre. This method of surgery is done with surgical microscopes or high magnification loupes. It is a technique used for repair or connection of small blood vessels and nerves.

The technique is crucial in some surgical procedures such as replantation of amputated parts, and reconstruction involving the transfer of large tissue units from one part of the body to another. It is used in some complex Head & Neck reconstructions. It is also used for complex reconstruction in other parts of the body such as after a large loss of tissue in major accidents and cancer removals. 

Dr Ngo has done extensive training in microsurgery both in Australia and overseas during his Fellowship. He has also done training in supermicrosurgery, which is ultrafine level microsurgery for structures in the body of 0.8mm or smaller. This is a technique employed in lymphatic surgery, which he performs at the Australian Lymphoedema Education Research and Treatment (ALERT) Centre at Macquarie University Hospital. 


Not all reconstructions require this complex skillset. Dr Ngo will carefully review your case and explain to you the reconstructive procedure most appropriate for you, including microsurgery if it is indicated.

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