Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dr Ngo be excising my lesion or skin cancer on the day of my consultation?


No, however it is a possibility to have a biopsy done on the day of your consultation if you have not had one done prior. Shall you require to have an excision, Dr Ngo will discuss all options and you will decide when and where to have it done.

Do I have to have surgery in the hospital?


Depending on your condition, surgery may need to be performed in the hospital. You will have the choice of which hospital to be operated at. Please see above for the list of hospitals at which Dr Ngo operates. Some minor procedures can also be carried out in the dedicated procedure room at Cabramatta West.

Can I get a quote over the phone?


It is usually inaccurate to provide fee estimates over the phone, as surgical requirements are unique for every individual.

Can I use my health fund or claim a Medicare rebate for cosmetic surgery?


Majority of cosmetic procedures are not rebatable by Medicare or private health funds. However, in certain cases where the procedure is deemed as a medical condition, it may attract  a rebate. Dr Ngo will determine this during your consultation.