About Dr Quan Ngo

Dr Quan Ngo is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney. He graduated in Medicine from UNSW in 2001 and completed his Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery training in Sydney in 2010. Dr Ngo did further fellowship training in the UK, France, and Taiwan. He has a wide range of experience in microsurgical reconstructive surgery, and special focus on the Head & Neck region where he is an expert in cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery, and trauma surgery for the facial region.


Dr Ngo has held appointments at St Vincent’s Hospital, Westmead Hospital, Macquarie University Hospital, Bankstown Hospital, and Liverpool Hospital, where he is currently the Head of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery.


He has won several accolades in teaching Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist trainees, and is a senior lecturer at University of NSW and Macquarie University. He is also a counsellor on the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, the peak body representing Australian Specialist Plastic Surgeons.


In keeping with his focus on the Head & Neck region, Dr Ngo also performs facial cosmetic surgery and in particular has interest in bony contour and reshaping work.

International Training and Experience

Following the completion of his Australian Fellowship, Dr Ngo embarked on travels overseas to Taiwan, Scotland, and France to strengthen his subspecialty interests with additional Fellowships in Head and Neck Oncology & Reconstruction, Maxillofacial Surgery, and Facial Reanimation.          

In Taiwan Dr Ngo worked with Professor Hung-Chi Chen for microsurgical reconstructions. Professor Chen, together with the late Dr Bernard O’Brien from Melbourne, did the first lymph node transfer in the canine model in the 1970s and is an internationally renowned pioneer with over 300 publications in microsurgery. While there Dr Ngo also visited world-renowned Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital to learn craniofacial and maxillofacial surgeries.

In Scotland Dr Ngo worked at the highly distinguished Canniesburn Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit in Glasgow. It was at this prestigious hospital department that Dr Ngo gained more experience and surgical skills on cutting-edge techniques related to head and neck oncology as well as facial reanimation.

Dr Ngo completed his international fellowship in Caen, Northern France, working alongside Dr Daniel Labbe, a craniofacial surgeon with 25 years experience in treating facial palsy. Dr Ngo is currently one of the few surgeons performs the Sliding Temporalis Myoplasty technique in Australia, a technique pioneered by Dr Labbe in treating facial palsies.


Professional Attendance

Dr Ngo was appointed Consultant Surgeon in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, and Head & Neck Oncology Surgery at Liverpool and Bankstown Hospitals in 2012. It was at Liverpool Hospital that Dr Ngo helped to establish its first Multidisciplinary Skin Clinic to improve skin cancer services to the Sydney Southwest community. Since then, it has expanded to include a dedicated Multidisciplinary Melanoma Service.

He was appointed as Consultant Plastic Surgeon at  Westmead and St Vincent’s Hospitals in 2014, where he provided services in  head  and  neck  reconstruction  and  maxillofacial  trauma.

In  2015  Dr Ngo joined the Sydney Facial Nerve Group  at  the Chris O’Brien Cancer Centre, Camperdown. This is Australia’s sole facial palsy multidisciplinary group comprising doctors and allied  health  members  with  expertise  and  interest  in  treating patients  with  facial  weakness/paralysis  from  a  wide  range  of aetiology  including  congenital  cause,  trauma,  and  cancer treatments.

Dr Ngo was appointed Head of Plastic, Reconstructive & Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery Department at Liverpool Hospital in 2017. He subsequently resigned from Westmead Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospitals. This allowed him to focus on providing optimal patient care and improving reconstructive services in South Western Sydney, an area he grew up in, spent part of his formative years in medical training, and still lives.

Dr Ngo is a strong believer in giving back to the local community where he grew up. He recognises the relatively greater needs and lower level of resources for people in South Western Sydney. Improvement of local services and healthcare is one of his top professional priorities. The focus of his energy in public hospital work and concentration of his private practices in the South West testify to this commitment to the local community.


Teaching Commitments to Future Generations of Doctors

Dr Ngo has a strong teaching ethos and has been taking specialist plastic surgery trainees and medical students under his guidance for nearly a decade, including acting as an examiner for basic surgical trainees of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Throughout his career until now, Dr Ngo has had affiliations with leading Australian universities, including as an Associate Lecturer in Surgery for the University of New South Wales, a tutor in anatomy and medical statistics at the University of Sydney, and is currently a Senior Clinical Lecturer of the Australian School of Advanced Medicine at Macquarie University Hospital and a Supervisor of medical students from Western Sydney University. Dr Ngo has been the convenor of Anatomy by Dissection workshops at the University of Technology Sydney and shared his knowledge as part of expert panels at conferences. As a member of selection interview panels for plastic surgery training, Dr Ngo deals with standards and issues in surgical training of future generations of Australian Plastic Surgeons.

In 2016, his contributions towards ongoing commitments to education were recognised by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery with the Best Teacher Award and the Best Teaching Session Award.


Personal Life

Dr Ngo came to Australia at the age of 11 after his family escaped an oppressive regime in Vietnam in the early 80s. He grew up with his older brother in the South West and attended Bonnyrigg High School until year 10, when he moved to Hurlstone Agricultural High School. Both brothers entered medical school, and while his brother pursue general practice, Dr Ngo  found passion in a more hands-on surgical career.

While going through the rigorous surgical training, he always made sure he set aside time for fitness either through playing soccer at a local park, running, or swimming. He saw physical fitness as a crucial adjunct to maintaining a balanced life, clear mental state, and longevity of a demanding career.

He has always enjoyed tinkering around the house, from tuning the family car, doing home improvement, to gardening. While passionate about his work, Dr Ngo prides himself on not losing sight of what is most important in his life - his family who has made possible many of his achievements and continues to be the pillar of support in his life.